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Sharp, dark text
Enjoy text that reads like the printed page. All fonts have been hand-tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability and comfort.

  • Take and share notes
  • Add margin notes that you can edit, delete, or even export from your device to your computer. Share highlighted sections and meaningful quotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and see passages frequently highlighted by other Kindle readers.
  • Flip through without losing your place
  • With Page Flip, you can skim page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end for a sneak peek without losing your place.
  • Read comfortably in one hand
  • Lighter than most paperback books, comfortably hold Kindle in one hand for long reading sessions.
  • No distractions
    Kindle is purposely designed as a dedicated e-reader. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts or push notifications.